Selling liquor online requires experience dealing with shipping rules, taxation, promotions, and discounting on a state-by-state basis. The Bergundi team are liquor retail experts with extensive online marketing and SEO experience. Bergundi understands how to service this highly competitive business at both the local and national level.

Who is Bergundi?

Bergundi is a modular software solution designed for the retail liquor industry. It’s a robust blend of content and marketing development services packaged as an easy to use system that will help you build your business on the Web.

Bergundi has been developed by Intuitive Solutions Group, a company with deep roots in developing Image and Product Information Management solutions. For over 20 years we have handcrafted systems that dynamically create and publish rich content. From this heritage, we’ve built Bergundi as an integrated, turnkey solution.

We understand the challenges of organizations with large product lines, in both corporate and retail settings, to go to market online. We assist you each step of the way so you can start selling faster and more profitably. Bergundi solutions include complete site analysis, competitor analysis, POS systems integration, database management, copywriting and web design, web marketing services including enhanced SEO, along with installation and training.

You’ll find Bergundi, from Intuitive Solutions Group comes at an off-the-shelf price. Give us a swirl today!

For a demo or for more information on Bergundi, please contact us.