Customizable Website

All of our websites solutions come with a choice of templates to start with. You can use one from our library or we can create this is unique to you. Our base package includes a home page design from our library together with one interior page design. As your site grows you can add as many pages as you wish with the same interior page design or new ones is you need.

Typical content for your website include ads, Product Promotional boxes, a News and FAQ blog, Events calendar highlighting featured product at in-store tastings, About US page, Staff Bio page, and a contact us page.

All content is wrapped together with links throughout, guiding the user over to the products featured, encouraging them to place their order.


Rich Product Catalogue with Regular Updates

  • Show your entire product catalogue online to demonstrates your strength. People want to know you have the products they want before they come to your store
  • Rich content sells better than poor content or no content at all. We offer not just a name and price but also great photography and detailed tasting notes.
  • With local and regional campaigns, you will be online when users seek out your products!


Richly displayed images together with key data and tasting notes on every product you sell. All of our images are sourced from the producer and stored in their original high res size to ensure each image displays in full detail on all screen sizes so the customer can see what they’re buying.

Browsing and finding a product

Visitors to your website can easily browse through your product catalogue using the Search Tool or the Browse Tool. The Search Tool allows searches based on the name of the product while the Browse Tool provides standard preset collections based on industry standard categories helping visitors easily find the products you carry in each area of your store. Wine based browsing for example is based on varietal, country, state, region, and price while liquor products are based on their type and price. Bourbon, a hot category everywhere, is divided into Blended and Single Barrel.

Vintages and Ratings

Important to discerning customers, always provided with each product.

Updates and revisions

Key to publishing your product is keeping it fresh and current. We maintain the product catalogue for you adding new products as they arrive or removing discontinued items.


Price and Stock Status Updated Daily

Bergundi includes an option for fully automated price and stock status updates daily. Both regular price and sale price together with whether an item is in stock are displayed with each item in the catalogue.



All retailers offer selected items on sale and as part of selected promotions. Customer’s typically look for Staff Picks, New Arrivals, and Online Special. These can be created and regularly updated by the retailer as he selects. Promotions can found via ads, drop down menu’s, or promo boxes displayed on the home page and throughout the website.



Bergundi offers retailer’s customer’s online ordering services. Customers can purchase any item in the catalogue and request Hold for PickupLocal Delivery, or have them shipped. FedEx and UPS offer specialized services for Wine and Liquor stores including verification that purchaser is over 21.

Case and Volume discount options are available and offer the customer the best discount available. Volume discounts are calculated at time of order and the customer total savings are displayed throughout the check out process.

Customers can Bill To one location and Ship To a separate location. All delivery or shipping fees together with all taxes are automatically calculated with each customer’s order based on the Ship To location entered. Automatic integration with FedEx or UPS ensures shipping charges are accurately calculated at time order.

Email notifications are automatically sent out simultaneously to the customer and retailer upon order completion. The retailer can also send out a second email once the order is shipped so that the customer knows when to expect it.

eStore orders can be automatically processed in your POS system or managed independently and all online customers become part of your email distribution list.

Our website solution incorporates the latest Internet technologies supporting the most popular browsers. A mobile friendly format is provided that is easily accessible by the latest tablets and smart-phones. Bergundi websites are secure from unwanted intruders and ensures that all credit card orders are processed safely.


Email Marketing and Social Media Integration

Email marketing programs and social media are important to any retail business. They allow you to communicate with your regular customers and update them on the latest new arrivals, upcoming tastings, and special announcements that would be of interest to them. All emails have links throughout that take the reader to the targeted area on your site for details on your new offer or event. Emails with these functions have high open and retention rates.

Social media is great for creating a buzz around your store. Likes, Customer Comments, and Photo’s easily add to the image of your store as an important shopping destination for your customers.


Optimized Search Engine ranking (SEO)

All components of your site are built with enhanced SEO functionality under the cork. When the full product catalogue is published and Google records this, you can easily be found in your market based on all of these products.

We round this out with ongoing local, regional, and national program offerings to ensure that you are found in the right places on the Internet.

Hugely powerful tools to expand your reach and importance in the market!


Single or Multi-store Packages

Bergundi Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans are tailored to allow you options based on the size of your operation. Single stores have only to deal with one set of prices and stock status whereas multiple stores have to deal with the stock at each location. State regulations may further require multi-stores groups to operate completely independent or fully integrated. Numerous options are available here and can be scaled as your business grows.


Bergundi offers a complete retail liquor online solution.

To learn more about how Bergundi can fit within your organization, please contact us today.

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